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Co-investment & Financing

Equity Investments & Non-banking finance

The Shelev Capital is an active investor and provider of customized project finance, asset and equipment financing, and non-banking credit. Our investees are usually successful operating companies, but typically operate in under-banked or rapidly growing sectors and therefore outgrew existing equity funding and banking facilities. Other investees require investment and financing related to new projects, asset classes, or equipment that may not be supported by traditional private equity and banking providers.

About us and our network

We are fully licensed with the Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment to conduct investments and offer secured credit and loans. We are further licensed to offer investment brokerage services. We co-invest and finance future-forward companies, operating assets, and equipment. We have focus on the following key sectors: Transport, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture, and Hospitality.

Capital Advisory & Guidance

In addition to our own investments and finance activities, Shelev Capital also provides investees with advisory focused on corporate fundraising and financing. We focus on assisting fast-growing Vietnamese companies with ambitious expansion plans to access equity investments, mezannine credit, unitranche financing, asset financing, as well as acquisitions and exist paths.

High Growth Sectors

Shelev Capital is investor, financing partner, and advisors focused on high growth sectors: Transport, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture, and Hospitality

At the pulse of Vietnam's growth market


The case for Vietnam today

Vietnam's emerging economy is offering great growth potential compared to developed economies. For the first three quarters of 2019, gross domestic product of the economy grew 6.98 percent.

Abundant alpha opportunities

After more than 35 years of renewal, Vietnam’s economy is estimated at nearly 400 billion USD this year with an income per capita of over 4,000 USD and foreign trade value of around 750 billion USD, becoming one of the world's top 20 economies in terms of international trade.

Unlocking renewable energy transition

To meet its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, Viet Nam needs to massively increase its renewable energy capacity, particularly solar and wind. This will require substantial investment: the most recent iteration of Vietnam’s Power Development Plan 8 (PDP8) estimates an annual financing need of over $11 billion, much of which will be allocated for renewables.

Cultural immersion and international expertise

Shelev Capital is committed to adding value to our investees and partners at every phase of the business life cysle.

International capital for Vietnam's middle market

A local approach to funding SME's in Vietnam

Holistic team of experts

Shelev's team of local partners, encompassing Legal & Compliance, Finance & Accounting, Risk Management, Corporate Services, allows us and our investees to focus on unlocking business opportunities.

Locally immersed

We pride ourselves to be a locally immersed professionals. Our multicultural team maintains a network with all core industries and many entrepreneurial circles across the country, enabling us to identify and gather a comprehensive inside-view on market intelligence and potential opportunities.

Bridging the cultural gap with excellence

Successful stakeholder alignment among local investees and global partners requires a strong local approach lead by cultural understanding to bridge the gap – complemented by a global perspective, network and international project management excellence. Many Vietnamese enterprises require guidance in order to take advantage and consider international capital markets financing.


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